• LPEA Board of Directors and their Districts

    Electric cooperatives, such as LPEA, are private, independent electric utilities owned by and operated for the benefit of the members they serve. Everyone who pays their electric bill to LPEA is eligible to be a member of the cooperative, and as such has the right to both vote for the directors who represent them on the board, and run for a seat on that board.

    The Board of Directors determines the policies and overall directives of the cooperative, plus provides the LPEA staff with goals and objectives for the business. Board members serve three-year terms and are welcome to run as incumbents once that term is up.

    District 1

    Mike Alley
    Bob Formwalt
    Bob Lynch

    District 2

    Dan Huntington
    Kohler McInnis
    Davin Montoya

    District 3

    Britt Bassett
    Jeff Berman
    Doug Lyon

    District 4

    Karen Barger
    Jack Turner
    Joe Wheeling

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