• Energy Efficiency Credit/Rebate Program

    LPEA and its power supplier Tri-State Generation and Transmission will pay credits to their consumers for installing electric water heaters, electric heating systems and/or energy efficient motors and commerical energy efficiency lighting upgrades. All credit must be requested with 180 days of installation. Contact LPEA in Durango at 970.382.3506 or Pagosa at 970.382.7722 for more information.

    Available rebates

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    LED Light Bulb

    • Receive money back for purchasing energy-efficient LED light bulbs
    • LPEA customers will receive up to a $10 rebate for each qualifying LED light bulb purchased. (Up to 50% of materials cost.)
    • LED Rebate flyer

    Rebate Eligibilty Requirements:

    • LED bulb/fixture
    • Lumen output of 300 or greater

    Program Requirements:

    • Must be member/customers of LPEA
    • Complete application form
    • One rebate submission per calendar year
    • Submit to LPEA within 180 days of purchase
    • One packaging box from each type of lamp/fixture purchased attached to the receipt
    • 50 bulb limit per year

    Permanent Electric Heaters


    Program Requirements for Eligible Credits:

    • New or replacement installation
    • Minimum 1 kiloWatt (1,000 watts) capacity heater
    • Timing device required for use of off-peak hours
    • Installations must be in LPEA’s service territory
    • Customer must provide LPEA with proof of purchase
    • LPEA reserves the right to inspect installations

    Water Heater

    • $100 for Marathon water heaters, or any water heater with a lifetime tank warranty.
    • $75 for all other electric water heaters
    • $350 for heat pump water heaters
    • Water heater efficiency credits flyer

    Equipment Requirements for Eligible Credits:

    • Minimum 30-gallon capacity and 6-year tank warranty
    • Must meet minimum energy factor rating
    • Installations must be in LPEA’s service territory
    • Customer must provide LPEA with proof of purchase
    • LPEA reserves the right to inspect installations

    Energy Star® Appliances

    • $40 per unit for new Energy Star rated refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher or clothes washer
    • $25 refrigerator/freezer recycling
    • To verify that a specific model qualifies, visit www.energystar.gov

    Rebate form (PDF)

    Appliance Disposal

    The following businesses recycle old appliances. Fees vary.

    • Home Depot
    • Southwest Appliance
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Sears

    Heat Pump System

    Contact LPEA at 970.247.5786 for details on Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps.


    Energy Star® Air Conditioner Split System


    Electric Motors

    • $9/hp for Premium Efficiency Motors
    • $1.50/hp for wiring assistance if replacing a fossil-fueled engine, or is a new installation.

    Program Requirements for Eligible Credits:

    • Limited to irrigation motors
    • Minimum 10 horsepower motor
    • Must operate at a minimum of 15% load factor for a minimum of 3 months each year
    • Installations must be in LPEA’s service area.
    • Customer must provide LPEA with proof of purchase.
    • LPEA reserves the right to inspect installations.

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    Commercial Energy Efficiency Lighting

    Receive money back for retrofitting overhead fluorescent/area lighting, refrigerated case lighting and street/parking lighting.

    Lighting Retrofit Credits

    LED Lighting New Construction

    Refrigerated Case Lighting Retrofit Credits

    Parking Lot/Street Lighting Retrofit Credits

    Contact your electrical contractor as well as LPEA before  initiating the aforementioned projects for a pre-inspection and inventory of lights, as well as determination of baseline kilowatt usage. LPEA will monitor usage for commercial customers for one year following the retrofit, and provide a cost analysis of the savings. Rebates of $600 or more require that an IRS W-9 form be submitted to LPEA.

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