• LPEA's Green Power Program

    Just One Block

    LPEA offers you the choice to purchase some or all of your electricity as "Green Power," electricity generated from clean, renewable resources. You may opt to support Tri-State wind generation, local renewable projects or both. We offer Green Power in 100 kilowatt hour blocks for an additional $0.09 per month.

    To sign up, use our online form, call or stop by our office in Durango or Pagosa Springs.

    Tri-State Option

    LPEA’s power supplier, Tri-State Generation & Transmission, purchases renewable energy and its attributes from wind, solar and biomass generating facilities across the western United States.

    Tri-State’s renewable energy undergoes third party certification by WREGIS and M-Rets. 

    Local Renewables Option

    Customers wishing to provide funding to local renewable resource generated power can select this option. Purchased blocks will be used to fund installation of solar PV panels at our local middle schools and libraries - and more. It's an educational effort for our communities, and a step toward locally generated electricity.

    Policy and Tariffs

    Green PowerRenewable Generation Funds Policy PDF

    Renewable Rate Tariff (R-18) - Purchase renewable resource generated power PDF

    Renewable Rate Tariff (RL-19) - Provide funding to local renewable resources generated power PDF