Heat pumps provide a cost-effective, highly efficient, and low-maintenance way to both heat and cool your home. New technology also makes them an effective, efficient solution for the cold weather conditions and high elevations found in southwest Colorado. If you switch from propane or traditional electric heat to a heat pump system, and you could save more than $1,000 a year on your utility bills.

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Air-Source Heat Pump Rebates 

Rebate amount *not to exceed 50% of material cost.

0.5 Tons  

1 ton  

Exactly 2.0 tons  

2+ tons  

Air Source Heat Pump 

HSPF ≥ 9.0  

SEER ≥ 15  


HSPF2 ≥ 7.6  

SEER2 ≥ 14.3





Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump* 

HSPF ≥ 10.0  

SEER ≥ 16 


HSPF2 ≥ 8.5 

SEER2 ≥ 15 .2





*Cold Climate Rated. Variable speed compressor or a minimum of 3 stages of settings for fan speed. 

Other Heat Pump Rebates 

Rebate Type

Eligibility Requirements;

Rebate amount *not to exceed 50% of material cost.

Quality Installer 

Must take installer course 

$250 per install 

ETS backup 



New Ground Source  

Minimum ¾ ton 


Replacement Ground Source 

Minimum ¾ ton 



Contact LPEA w/product specs


Find a Qualified Installer

Application instructions/requirements

  1. Complete the form below. You will need to upload:

    1. Proof of purchase/Invoice - *Materials and labor must be shown separately on the invoice. 

    2. Info/spec sheets for units installed.

    3. IRS W-9 form completed by the member/rebate recipient. A W9 is kept on file by LPEA as proof of the allocation of funds. Any tax liability is the responsibility of the rebate recipient.

    4. Photo of Outdoor Unit(s)

  2. Submit applications within 90 days of completed installation or certificate of occupancy (new construction).

  3. Installations must take place in LPEA’s service territory. DIY installations qualify for rebates but members are encouraged to seek professional installation. A contractor list is available here

  4. All rebates not to exceed 50% of equipment costs.

  5. Rebate amounts only available while funding lasts.

PDF Form

Applications typically take 8-10 weeks to process and are remitted as a check. 

Having trouble submitting your rebate? E-mail us at rebates@lpea.coop.