LPEA Operational Plan 2023LPEA 5-year Strategy

Since our incorporation in 1939, LPEA has existed to bring power and light to all corners of our area, improving lives and powering a strong local economy. More than 84 years later and LPEA is still focused on this mission while staying true to the cooperative principles on which we were founded.

In 2018, the LPEA Board of Directors set a Strategic Goal and series of Strategic Initiatives to complement LPEA’s Vision and Mission statement and to guide LPEA toward a successful future. With these signposts to guide us, LPEA employees collaborated in 2020 to develop a “North Star”, identifying six priority areas – the points on the star – to prioritize our work over the next five years.

LPEA 2023 Operational Plan Document  

LPEA Mission

La Plata Electric Association, Inc. provides its members safe, reliable electricity at the lowest reasonable cost while being environmentally responsible.

LPEA Vision

Shaping the future by building trustworthy community partnerships as an innovative, forward-thinking industry leader, delivering excellence in our member-owned cooperative.

LPEA Strategic Goals

  1. LPEA will strive to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% from 2018 levels by year 2030 while keeping members' cost of electricity lower than 70% of our Colorado Cooperative peers.
  2. LPEA will pursue a funding and partnership strategy that will enable broadband connections to its membership by 2030 without increasing electric rates to do so.

LPEA Board Commitment

As we look towards the future of the co-op, the Board commits to actively honoring our mission to provide safe, reliable, environmentally responsible power while achieving the lowest reasonable cost to our members. In doing so, we will explore and carefully vet a holistic suite of options to increase LPEA’s value to the membership. We will pursue our mission with transparency, community engagement, acknowledgment of risk, trust of our members by performing our fiduciary responsibility.