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As a member of LPEA, you are also an owner, which means you directly invest in – and benefit from – the success of the co-op. When you make a payment to LPEA, a portion of that payment goes directly toward your investment in our electrical system. In years that LPEA earns positive margins (i.e., profits), we allocate a portion of those profits to you based on the amount of electricity you use in the form of Capital Credits.

The Capital Credit allocation and retirement process is called LPEA's CashBack program.

In 2023, the LPEA board elected to retire $3 million in Capital Credits to our members. Members will see that as a check in the mail (for amounts over $100) or as a bill credit on their July 2023 bill (for amounts under $100).

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*Allocation: Your allocation is your share of LPEA's annual margins, based on the amount of electricity you used in that year. These funds are NOT available to you until they are retired. 

† Retirement: When these funds are no longer needed for operating capital, they are retired, and your allocations are returned to you.


Learn more about LPEA's 2023 Capital Credit retirement HERE.