2021 director election results announced
2021 LPEA Board Election Results
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Results of the 2021 La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) director election were announced today at the cooperative’s partial virtual annual meeting. This meeting was held solely for the purpose of electing and seating new directors. The remainder of the meeting is postponed until later this year.

In accordance with LPEA Bylaws, one seat in each of LPEA’s four districts comes up for election annually. This year, members also voted on two bylaw amendments which aim to modernize LPEA Bylaws to conform with Colorado law on virtual meetings.

Detailed election results are as follows:

District 1 (Archuleta County): Incumbent candidate Kirsten Skeehan won the race with 1,281 votes. Challenger Veronica Medina received 434 votes.

District 2 (South & West La Plata County): Incumbent candidate Kohler McInnis won the race with 1,333 votes. Challenger Mark Walser received 792 votes.

District 3 (City of Durango): Two new candidates vied to fill the seat of retiring Director Britt Bassett. Ted Compton emerged as the winner with 1,646 votes. Bill Waters received 722 votes.

District 4 (North & East La Plata County): Incumbent candidate Tim Wheeler won the race with 1,282 votes. Challenger John Purser received 799 votes.

As for the proposed bylaw amendments, the Article II Section 1 amendment allowing LPEA’s annual meeting to be held virtually passed with 6,546 in favor and 1,403 opposed. The Article IV Section 6 amendment allowing LPEA directors to participate virtually in regular or special meetings also passed with 6,496 in favor and 1,575 opposed.

Out of 35,089 ballots mailed in all districts, a total of 8,473 LPEA members cast votes for an approximate 24% return rate. This is a decrease from the 29.7% return rate in the 2020 election. Return rates in 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016 were 26%, 26%, 28%, and 22% respectively.

“We want to thank our members for taking the time and energy to vote for their LPEA director,” said LPEA CEO Jessica Matlock. “As a cooperative, we are owned by our members and depend on their involvement to ensure we serve our community effectively. I hope in future years we can convince more of our membership to vote as Board of Director decisions impact everyone in our community.”

The next meeting of the LPEA Board of Directors is scheduled for Wednesday, July 21st, beginning at 9 a.m. at the LPEA office in Bodo Park. Access details HERE.