LPEA is always learning: Lineworker Rodeo Team Place 2nd in REA Division
LPEA Lineworker Rodeo Team 2023
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This isn’t our first rodeo! But wait, what is a lineworker rodeo? Lineworker rodeos are events that showcase best practices and the skills and expertise of utility lineworkers. These competitions gather lineworkers from around the nation, providing them with a platform to demonstrate and share expertise on how to handle intricate tasks and challenges that mirror real-life situations they may encounter while maintaining and repairing power lines. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and precision, lineworker rodeos feature timed events, including pole climbing, cross-arm change-outs, transformer installations, rescue operations, and simulated power restoration scenarios.

This knowledge is brought back to LPEA as continuous improvement opportunities to help us best serve our members. Lineworker rodeos celebrate these professionals' vital role in ensuring uninterrupted electrical service for communities while honoring their commitment to the demanding and often hazardous nature of their work.

Durango once held its own lineworker rodeo, with the last competition being held in the late 1990s. We have since sent teams to various regional rodeos, and in the last two years, we have sent a team to the International Rodeo in Kansas City. Of the 240 teams, 3 lineworkers per team, LPEA placed in the top 50. Last month, our team went to the regional division in Butte, MT, and took home 2nd place! The strength, stamina, knowledge, and constant drive to be safe and ensure the safety of others is truly incredible, and we are so proud of our home team LPEA lineworkers. With the second-place win, our LPEA team, consisting of John Keating, Evan Moore, Clinton Peak, and Lukas Morgan, will go on to compete in the 2023 International Lineman’s Rodeo held in Kansas City on October 11, 2023. We can’t wait to see how they do!