LPEA Committee on Policies
LPEA Committee on Policies On July 17th, 2019, the LPEA Board of Directors approved the creation of the Policy Committee. The Committee is responsible for: (b) receiving input from Cooperative staff regarding suggested policy changes and concerns, and (c) recommending draft policy changes and new policies for consideration by the Board of Directors.

Next Meeting
Date: TBA
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Meeting Agenda: TBA

Registration Link: TBA

The LPEA Policy Committee Meeting is open to all LPEA members.

Committee on Policies Resources

Date Minutes
2/3/22 Board Page Icons_2-03.png
1/10/22 Board Page Icons_2-03.png
10/4/21 Board Page Icons_2-03.png
9/2/21 Board Page Icons_2-03.png
6/2/21 Board Page Icons_2-03.png


Board Page Icons_2-03.png
11/5/20 Board Page Icons_2-03.png
9/9/20 Board Page Icons_2-03.png
11/5/19 Board Page Icons_2-03.png


Board Committee Members

City of Durango

Ted Compton
LPEA Board Director

Elected on June 17, 2021
Phone: (970) 946-2001

City of Durango

Joe Lewandowski
LPEA Board Director

Elected on May 2, 2019
Phone: (970) 799-4011

South & West La Plata County

Dan Huntington
LPEA Board Director
LPEA Board Secretary

Elected on May 7, 2016
Phone: (970) 749-8612

LPEA Employee Committee Members

Jessica Matlock



Elizabeth Howe

VP of Administrative Services