How to be "Outage Ready"
How to be outage ready
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It's winter, and with winter comes outages! Though we try our best, LPEA cannot guarantee electric service 24/7. When the lights do go out, here are some pro tips to weather any LPEA outage:

  • LPEA's outage hotline is available 24/7 by calling (970) 247-5786 and pressing option 5. When call volumes are high, you will be sent to an automated system with a voice recording of the latest outage updates. LPEA prioritizes large outages that impact critical infrastructure or cause a public safety risk. Learn more about LPEA's power restoration plan HERE.

  • Please be aware that LPEA is NEVER able to give estimated times of restoration because crews don't know the issue until they arrive at each outage location, and restoration times vary widely depending on the cause (e.g., a broken pole vs. an open circuit from lines unloading snow)

  • If you want to report your outage, receive outage updates, or check in on the status of your outage via text, sign up for LPEA's Outage Texting Service with the phone number listed on your LPEA account.

  • Thanks to our Automated Metering Infrastructure, we usually know you have an outage as soon as you do, even without a call or text. To see the most up-to-date outage information at any time, day or night, visit our online outage map HERE. It is updated every two minutes.

  • During major outages, LPEA regularly posts updates on our phone recording, our websiteFacebook, and Twitter. Follow us to stay in the loop!

  • For those who depend on power for internet and cellular service, we recommend you secure a landline telephone for emergencies. You can call us 24/7 at (970) 247-5786 and dial 5 to reach LPEA's outage hotline.

  • It is your responsibility to protect yourselves and your property by preparing for occasional outages. We recommend you protect your appliances from surges by installing surge protectors. LPEA sells and installs whole home surge protectors for your property (not available for three-phase, A1, A4, A7, or 8A meters).

  • If you live in an area regularly impacted by storms and/or need to ensure 24/7 electricity for your property, you may want to consider a backup generator. LPEA offers these guidelines to ensure your generator is installed and operated safely. 

  • No matter how much LPEA invests in improving our infrastructure, occasional outages are inevitable. Learn more about how to be prepared HERE.